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Autism Colleges And Day Support

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are staff specifically trained in autism and Asperger Syndrome?
  • Are there quiet areas for possible moments of sensory overload?
  • How are special interests managed?
  • Is there a buddy/mentoring system for people with ASC?
  • Is there support during unstructured social times, eg break times, lunch times?
  • What life skills programmes are available?
  • What support is there for domestic requirements?
  • What support is there for financial management?
  • What support systems are available for health and wellbeing?

Adult Learning

Quite often children with an Autistic Spectrum Condition leave school with excellent technical skills, but without the necessary life skills which a neurotypical child would have naturally picked up.

Life skills can be taught and learnt and some colleges, day support providers and adult education centres offer programmes which promote those skills.

When looking for a post-school provision with a life-skills element, ask yourself which skills are lacking and ask what sort of programme the college or centre has to teach those particular skills.

For example:

  • cooking
  • domestic skills
  • eating out
  • finance and budgets
  • gardening
  • personal hygiene
  • relationship building
  • shopping
  • style and fashion
  • using community facilities