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    Hospitals general information

    A hospital environment provides people with Autism Spectrum Conditions who have accompanying mental health issues an environment where they can work through their difficulties with a multi-disciplinary team which includes clinicians.

    Some common mental health issues might be anxiety, bipolar disorder, dementia, depression and schizophrenia.

    The multi-disciplinary team would include amongst other professionals psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses.

    Hospitals supporting mental health issues differ in size and building style. They also offer different types and length of support. The following are general guidelines.

    • Crisis stabilization units which often deal with suicidal, violent or critically ill individuals.
    • Open units which do not usually support acutely suicidal individuals. Their focus is to help patients reach a point where they can be discharged. Patients are, however, still not allowed to hold their own medications. Some open units are physically unlocked, whilst others use locked entrances and exits.
    • Medium-term hospitals provide care lasting several weeks, as medication used for psychiatric purposes can take several weeks to take effect.
    • Long-term care units are usually situated within a larger medium-term mental health hospital and are used where integration back into society might take longer than a few weeks or months.

    Some hospitals also offer diagnoses and assessments.