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Autism Placement Support Service

Autism Placement Support Service

The Autism Placement Support Service is a proactive service run by Living Autism that helps you find the autism school or autism adult residential or support service you are looking for.

Living Autism is independent of any provider, so you can be sure they are giving you impartial suggestions regarding your autism placement search based upon their knowledge of the service providers.

How do I access the service?

If you are looking for an independent autism school or autism adult support service, you can ring, email or use a contact box on the Living Autism website.

Tel: 0800 756 2420


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How much does it cost?

This service is totally FREE to families, local authorities, health authorities and anyone looking for a service.

What will the Living Autism team member need to know?

A member of the team will have a discussion with you about the individual who needs the service. They will ask about their wishes and aspirations and also their needs in terms of social communication, rigidity, sensory differences and behaviour.

The Living Autism member will also need to know whether the process has been started to obtain an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) if you are looking for an autism placement for a child, or a Local Authority Care Assessment if you are looking for an autism placement for an adult. They will also need to know whether the individual needing a service has a confirmed diagnosis of autism.

What will they do with the information?

Once the team member has the information needed they will then look within the Living Autism network for the most appropriate autism services. They will do their best to give you a choice of at least 3 possibilities for you to consider. The reason they look within the Living Autism network first is that these providers have been validated to ensure they do what they say they do especially in terms of autism support.

How much support does Living Autism provide?

Living Autism will help you by:

  • giving advice and support with legislation and local and health authorities’ support processes
  • when appropriate, attend provider and authority meetings
  • when appropriate provide on-going advice
  • provide innovative suggestions

How does this service differ from a brokerage service?

The Living Autism Placement Support Service differs from brokerage services in that the team have decades of experience working in the field of autism and they look at each enquiry individually ensuring they can tell you about the most appropriate autism service to match the person’s aspirations and needs.

Autism placement support service3The Living Autism team will help you every step of the way.
If they feel they cannot help they will tell you.
This service is totally free to anyone looking for a service.

How is this service funded?

Living Autism receives a placement free from providers if they receive a placement from Living Autism.

How does Living Autism maintain its independence?

Living Autism is not connected to any provider within its network. Living Autism does not have its own services. The most important thing for a Living Autism team member is to find the most appropriate service for the individual. Living Autism will try its best to offer a shortlist of services so that the decision is totally with the individual, the family and the authority.

What else does Living Autism do?

Click the logo below to be taken to the Living Autism website. You can find information, articles, support groups, discussion board and much, much more.

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