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Autism: supporting meltdowns and closedowns

Autism: supporting meltdowns and closedowns

Geoff Evans delivered a workshop to parents of autistic children on autism meltdowns and closedowns.

You can watch the workshop in sections below.

Part 1 – Supporting meltdowns and closedowns – what’s underneath the surface?

In Part 1, Geoff Evans reminds us that underlying challenges could offer explanations to the manifestation of meltdowns or closedowns.


Part 2 – Supporting meltdowns and closedowns – what contributes?

In Part 2 Geoff Evans explores different environmental and social contributors to meltdowns and closedowns.


Part 3 – Supporting meltdowns and closedowns – strategies

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Geoff Evans

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If you need help looking for services for an individual with an autism spectrum condition, we can help. Click below for the Autism Placement Support Service.

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