Facilitated communication

A method of assisting people with little or no speech to communicate by alternative means. A facilitator might support a client physically to use a communicator to spell out words or phrases.

FCT (Functional Communication Training)

A behavioural strategy used to teach individuals to use signs or other techniques to express the underlying messages of their challenging behaviour.

Fine motor skills

The ability to use one’s hands for manipulating objects and performing activities.


A sudden change in behaviour due to an excessive electrical activity in the brain. Also termed a seizure.

Fragile X syndrome

A learning disability attributed to the defect of a particular part of the X chromosome.

Functional analysis

An analysis of a defined behaviour within a defined environment to help in the understanding of the relationship between the behaviour and the environment.

Functional Behavioural Assessment

A process of observation whereby the causes and functions of a behaviour are identified. A behaviour intervention plan can then be devised based on the findings and implemented across settings in order to minimize inappropriate behaviour.