AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) Any method of communication which supplements or replaces speech and usually involves selecting messages or […]


Basal Ganglia Disorder A developmental disorder of the basal ganglia region of the brain which can cause, amongst other symptoms, […]


CAMHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. NHS-provided services for children in mental health. Canine therapy A type of pet […]


Daily life therapy An approach to autism based on physical education, art, music and vocational training. DAMP syndrome A disorder […]


E-communities Online communities such as chatrooms, forums and websites. Echolalia Involuntary repetition of words or phrases, often without meaning. Echopraxia […]


Facilitated communication A method of assisting people with little or no speech to communicate by alternative means. A facilitator might […]


GARS (Gillam Autism Rating Scale) A measure designed to diagnose autism and to estimate the severity of the problem. Gastro-intestinal […]