Hanen parent programme

An intervention run by the Hanen Centre in Ontario, Canada, whereby elements of reciprocity training (see reciprocity training) are used.

HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy)

The medical use of oxygen at a higher than atmospheric pressure.

Healing touch

A form of Faith Healing and Touch Therapy whereby the practitioner places their hands in a sequence of postion to cover the whole body.

Hearing/sound perception

When the mechanics of hearing are functioning, but the person does not perceive that they are hearing.


An approach which uses a range of naturopathic treatments according to the needs of the individual.

Help! Programme

A support programme for parents and carers of children with autism developed by the National Autistic Society.

Hemisphere specific auditory stimulation

A form of auditory integration training whereby the individual listens to a selection of music which has been modified.

Herpes encephalitis

A brain infection resulting from a type of herpes virus which can damage the part of the brain responsible for memory.


Daily Life Therapy, an intervention which uses physical, creative, academic and vocational training within a group setting.


A therapy which uses horses to help people with special needs.


A benign elevated level of an amino acid in the blood which has been reported in conjunction with autism.

Holding therapy

A type of treatment for autism which involves physically forcing a child to hold and look at the parents.

Holistic processing

Another term for central coherence, ie the ability to see the ‘whole’ rather than only seeing the ‘parts’.


A therapy whereby extremely small doses of substance are given to cure an illness when larger doses of the same substance would produce characteristic symptoms of the illness in healthy people.


The use of homoeopathic products in pre-manufactured combinations to heal specific symptoms.


Special chemical messengers that move around the blood causing different effects on other cells or tissues of the body.


The same as HBOT (see HBOT).

Hug box/machine

An external pressure machine which allows the user to apply deep pressure to themselves.


Another term for hydrotherapy (see hydrotherapy).


The use of water to soothe pains and treat diseases.


A condition which is characterised by overactive, poorly controlled behaviour and lack of concentration.

Hyperbaric medicine

The same as HBOT (see HBOT).


Abnormal discomfort caused by sounds which are usually tolerated by listeners of normal hearing.


Another term for hyperactivity (see hyperactivity).

Hyperkinetic disorder

Another term for ADHD (Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder) (see ADHD).


An above normal ability to read accompanied with a below normal ability to understand spoken language.


An abnormal immune reaction when re-exposed to what is perceived to be a foreign substance.


An artificially induced state of relaxation whereby deeper parts of the brain become more accessible.


The use of hypnosis to treat a variety of medical and psychological problems.


An abnormally decreased sensitivity.


Part of the brain which is responsible for regulating basic physical functions such as hunger, thirst and sex.