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Personal Independence Payment

From the 8th of April 2013 the ‘Personal Independence Payment’ (PIP) is being introduced to replace the Disability Living Allowance (DLA). This will be introduced on a rolling basis for new applications across the country, but if you are already receiving DLA you are unlikely to be affected before 2015. You can find out when PIP will be introduced in your area here.

Some elements of PIP are the same as DLA. PIP is awarded to individuals of working age (16 – 64) based on how their impairment affects their life. PIP, like DLA, is not means tested and can be awarded regardless of whether you are working or not.

What is the difference between PIP and DLA?

PIP aims to introduce a standardised more objective approach to benefit eligibility, here are the key differences:

  • Under PIP there is no ‘Lowest’ category in the ‘Care Component’.
  • PIP requires you to have an initial telephone call with the Department of Work and Pensions.
  • PIP may require you to have an independent assessment by an approved medical professional – not just your own GP.

How much will I get?

Each award is determined according to the individual’s needs, but the bandings are as follows:

Disability Living Allowance Personal Independence Payment
Care Component
Lowest £21.00 N/A
Middle £53.00 £53.00
Highest £79.15 £79.15
Mobility Component
Lower £21.00 £21.00
Higher £55.25 £55.25

As with DLA, awards can be made for varying time periods depending on your condition, but awards of 1, 2 or 3 years are the most common, after which you will need to be reassessed or reapply from the beginning of the process.

How do I claim?

If you are already receiving DLA you do not need to claim PIP, the Department of Work and Pensions will be in touch with you when you need to swap to PIP. If you are making a new claim, or if your existing DLA award is about to expire, check here to find out if PIP has been introduced in your area.

For making a claim under PIP, the process is as follows:

  1. Call the Department of Work and Pensions on 0800 9172222.
  2. They will send you a claim document to fill in, you should receive this within 10 days.
  3. Fill in the claim document and return along with any supporting documents – such as statements from your doctor or healthcare professional.
  4. It is likely you will need an independent assessment by an approved healthcare professional, this can be in your own home or at another location.
  5. You will then receive a confirmation of your award if it has been approved from the Department of Work and Pensions.

If you struggle with tasks such as filling in official forms, ask a trusted friend or guardian to help you. Alternatively you can access help with this sort of application through ‘advocates’ and services such as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

Further Information

For further information visit the official websites:

Or call: 0845 8503322

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