“Thank you so much Craig!”

“Lovely, thanks for this Wayne. It was really interesting to have your input at the CPA last week. I certainly learnt a lot from this and wanted to thank you for your time and expertise in this matter. I think we are all very keen on SM having the best life he possibly can.”

“Hi Craig, Thanks for your call today it spurred us into action ******* and I have discussed and decided ******* is the way forward for R. I have spoken with ******* and he is ringing ******* to advise we have accepted the placement offer and he is applying to panel next week for funding. So fingers crossed let’s see how it goes!! Thanks for all your help.”

“Dear Wayne I am attending a final meeting at the hospital today before M moves to ******* tomorrow. I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you for your time and help during this process. I am so pleased that M found you and your service on the internet and we now have the opportunity for a the fresh start that he so deserves. My whole family, especially M, have found the process of finding a suitable service and support for people with high functioning Autism very difficult. Your kind and pro-active response to me has been so very much appreciated. Your clear presentation of facts and what will be possible have provided real support and help. I am not sure if every family in our position is so lucky or if you are the right person to ask but I would really like to look at ways I could assist families in similar situations and wondered where I might be able to begin. Does living Autism work with volunteers too? Any advice or guidance you can give would be much appreciated. Kind Regards”

“Many thanks for attending today, much appreciated Craig. Welcome your support in seeking support for G. Best wishes.”

“Wayne thanks for all your help without you David would have been goin to a place we didn’t want you have helped me a lot. There’s no help for carers you have helped me ask all the right questions, I just want to say thank you and you should get a pay rise. You have done more for me than David”s advocate has done for him. Maybe living autism can advertise on their site the kind of help you give. It was only by chance I managed to find you. Thanks again Wayne and have a good holiday. Diana”

“Just to let you know we have with all your advice, encouragement and pointing us in the right direction and informing us of what we needed to know have now got the backing of our daughters Doctor and she will be taking our case for referral and moving us towards getting the right help. We are very grateful to you and your society for your help and support and to know that you are there for us and our daughter should we need you in the future. It is really great to be able to get this help and support form societies like yourselves. we will keep you updated as to her progress A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO YOU”