Excellent course. I would suggest the service puts it on for as many employees as possible.

Every staff member has been very loving indeed while teaching H many independent  skills that he was never able to perform before. We are for example able to go out with him, sit in restaurants, cinema, coffee shops and shopping as normal without incidences, his comprehension and behaviour  is much better as well as many other improvements… Thanking you for everything for it was you that found T..B… as it changed all our lives to the better by leaps and bounds.

I am very grateful for everything that you did, you truly made all of us and my son so happy.

“I enjoyed the course thoroughly. The content was informative and educational to professional and personal life.”

“This was superb training. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. Various activities helped put us in the shoes of someone with autism/dementia. The training session flew by as it was so interesting.”

From a parent on Twitter – Delighted to have found . Relatable/clear for those across the spectrum not ONLY at the more severe end.

From a parent on Twitter – My son has mild difficulties but every website I’ve found is doom & gloom except . Useful tool for support

Living Autism referred our case to Craig, The Operations Director for our region, and he has been with us all the way on a very long and emotionally difficult journey. Through his determined efforts, interventions and advocacy, he found T the right placement and, after six months of isolation in a hospital unit, T was eventually transferred to his new ‘home’ and is making remarkable progress.

T had been experiencing a living hell in the months leading up to his admission to hospital and his family were only one step behind him in that experience. Much of what T had to go through could have been avoided if only people had listened to what we, the family were telling them. Craig at Living Autism DID LISTEN to us and then he acted, offering solid, practical help, as a result, T is now in the best place he can be and is thriving and happy. The challenges remain great, but T is meeting those challenges with the help of the trained and dedicated staff looking after him and he’s now able to achieve his potential, whatever that may be. If it hadn’t been for Living Autism and Craig’s ceaseless help, I think T’s story would have had a very different outcome.