From a parent on Twitter – Delighted to have found . Relatable/clear for those across the spectrum not ONLY at the more severe end.

From a parent on Twitter – My son has mild difficulties but every website I’ve found is doom & gloom except . Useful tool for support

Living Autism referred our case to Craig, The Operations Director for our region, and he has been with us all the way on a very long and emotionally difficult journey. Through his determined efforts, interventions and advocacy, he found T the right placement and, after six months of isolation in a hospital unit, T was eventually transferred to his new ‘home’ and is making remarkable progress.

T had been experiencing a living hell in the months leading up to his admission to hospital and his family were only one step behind him in that experience. Much of what T had to go through could have been avoided if only people had listened to what we, the family were telling them. Craig at Living Autism DID LISTEN to us and then he acted, offering solid, practical help, as a result, T is now in the best place he can be and is thriving and happy. The challenges remain great, but T is meeting those challenges with the help of the trained and dedicated staff looking after him and he’s now able to achieve his potential, whatever that may be. If it hadn’t been for Living Autism and Craig’s ceaseless help, I think T’s story would have had a very different outcome.


I cannot thank you and Living Autism enough for the help and support you have given us in finding suitable accommodation for our son. He is an intelligent young man with complex needs and no suitable accommodation was available in the area in which we lived. Our local authority were unable to help, and as a family we felt very much alone in our search for somewhere suitable for our son. It was only when we happened upon Living Autism’s website, quite by chance, and found their ‘Tell us what you need’ section, that we were able to make progress. After describing our son’s condition we were given a number of suggestions of suitable places and from those finally chose one that we hope, in time, our son will be happy in. We have been supported, advised and encouraged by you, at Living Autism, throughout the process of getting funding and moving our son, and could certainly not have managed without it. It can be very stressful, not just for the autistic person himself, but for his family, and the fact that this was recognised by you, was very helpful indeed.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you again for all the support you provided me over the last 2 years. You provided me with invaluable un biased support, guidance and information. All of this led me to make my final decision.Without your support, I would’ve struggled to gain the information that you offered. You took the time to always listen and advise accordingly. Nothing was too much for you, and you were always approachable, understanding and empathetic at all times. I have never met anyone that has so much experience as yourself, professional at all times and an understanding that I normally would only feel from another parent. I would strongly recommend your services to other services and friends and family. If there is anything that I can do to support your services, I would like you to ask. You have given so much to me and my family, I would like to do something in return. Your support has changed our lives, as we know that XXX is in one of the best possible services that can meet his needs. The sense of relief cannot be summed in words. I hope you are well, and thank you again from us all. You have touched mine and my children’s lives forever. After so much struggling over the years, without your help the last 2 years would have been far worst.

I can’t really put into words how much we appreciate Living Autism and your personal support and professionalism in helping us establish a Autism Specialist Care Provider for our son James. Clearly, the Local Authority needed help and guidance too as they had little knowledge of such autism care providers and we are sure that James would still be in the Hospital environment if it wasn’t for Living Autism’s network of approved care providers and your personal dedicated help and support. We also greatly appreciated your support and attendance at the regular review meetings at the Hospital with Social Services in which your knowledge and contributions were much appreciated and clearly contributed to James’ improved mental health over his 6 month stay at the Hospital.

Craig instantly understood our son’s complex needs and found a suitable place for him. Craig helped us liaise with everyone involved which was extremely helpful. We are so excited for our son to move into his new home. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to Living Autism.